Our assortment includes a boxed wine that takes these popular wines to a whole new level. Our box wine has been aged 100% in French oak barrels for twelve months and has a taste of ripe desolate berries, medium bodied with a fruity finish and soft tannins. A well-balanced wine with a seductive long aftertaste.

Anna Rovira is Spain’s best female winemaker and the Celler des Capcanes cooperative where she works has won more awards and received more notices than any other wine cooperative in Spain, so when they present a boxed wine for the first time you can expect something really special, they did us not disappointed.

The box wine is made from Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes which together create a wonderful well-balanced variety.

Blind test

We took the two best-selling box wines in Sweden as well as the two that have currently received the best ratings in the press and media. Our panel was in complete agreement after tasting all the wines, Mas Dels Ponts is in a league of its own.

The wine has a lovely character with inviting notes of red berries, licorice and with a spicy and ripe appearance that has perfect soft tannins and a fresh and fruity flavor that comes from the Grenache grapes that grow near the Mediterranean Sea on green slopes in the Montsant area just south of Barcelona. Monsant is situated like a horseshoe around the world-famous Priorat region.

Mas dels Ponts goes perfectly with chicken, beef or a pork fillet. Pasta and various tapas dishes are also a perfect combination with this unique boxed wine.


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