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Investing in wine has been around for centuries but only for a select few. Now we want to open up this lucrative market to individuals interested in buying Spanish wines together with us at an early stage in the winemaking process. This presents an alternative investment that can be both an inspiring and profitable experience.

The Spanish wine industry is today considered the most interesting worldwide* and we only work with selected top producers so you can be sure you’re purchasing a premium product with a strong resale value. In addition all our wines are fully insured and stored in producer cellars or in our own bonded warehouse, providing you with security and peace of mind. Therefore, this presents a wholesale model with attractive returns, even to the most risk-averse individual.

We believe that the average return of a 2-5 years investment will be around 8-16%% per annum and on our commercial* wines purchased for the Swedish monopoly market we offer buyback** scheme with a 8% net yield.


Why Spanish wine?

Today we have an office in Madrid and warehouse outside Barcelona which gives us unique local and national trade possibilities. We have built trusted relationships with some of the most interesting producers in Spain since we started working there seven years ago. These relationships are what set us apart from other online wine businesses and are part of the reason we are able to offer premium wines at substantially discounted prices.

Why wineries need investors 

Wine needs to mature and our wines have an average ageing period of 1-3 years. Maturing wines is a capital intensive business and more and more producers choose to sell wines during the maturation period at wholesale rates. Selling a percentage of their yearly production wineries can cover their operating costs, allowing them to keep the remaining percentage for their own brands and development of their properties whilst enjoying a mutually beneficial business relationship.

This is where Scandeat Food & Beverage Group comes in.

We contractually agree a price to buy large quantities which provides the Bodegas with the funds they need to operate.


How co-investing with Scandeat Spanish Wines works:

  1. Production: We only work with the finest producers who have a proven record of producing premium and often awarded wines, which offer a much stronger resale value.
  2. Broker negotiations: Scandeat Food & Beverage Group buys premium wine in bulk at discounted prices, wholesale rates. When the wines are bottled they are delivered to our own maintained and secure warehouses.
  3. Private investors: Our investor opportunities starts with 225 liter barrels of Crianza 12 months, and Reserva 24 months, or 120 liters of Gran Reserva 36 months wines.

Wines are bought in bond which means without Swedish alcohol tax and VAT.

A certificate for your participation is issued directly after payment. This certificate is your guarantee and has the same binding legal status as a lending agreement.

Like ageing wine this is an unhurried investment. This needs to be considered by investors who require ready access capital.

Don not hesitate to contact us for any questions or thoughts regarding Scandeat Spanish Wine investment:

Stefan H Gahlin