Scandeat provides deli’s, caterers, cafés and restaurants with the ingredients to make delicious filled bread  rolls or Danish Smørrebrød-style sandwiches.

Smørrebrød literally means ‘bread and butter’ where the bread is often dark, such as rye, and layered with a variety of different toppings, meats, fish, and seafood, fine leafy salad, herbs, sauces, cheese and egg etc.

A typical example of these open-faced sandwiches would be layers of roast beef on rye bread with fried onions and cornichons, freshly grated horseradish and remoulade sauce. Another popular choice is shrimp smørrebrød often served with egg and salad.

Scandeat’s Deli products include:

  • Gravlax with dill & mustard sauce
  • Plaice flat fish with remoulade sauce 
  • Cold water shrimp
  • Hot and cold smoked salmon
  • Herring – marinated in mustard, onion, crayfish sauce, dill and many other variants
  • Smoked reindeer
  • Reindeer rosbif
  • Meat balls
  • Rye bread