Scandeat proposes a range of products from carefully selected producers in Sweden – high quality products that many top chefs and restaurants use in their regular recipes.

Our favourite products from the nordic region of Scandinavia with its pure water and wild native country are sustainable food sources such as reindeer, moose, wild Baltic salmon, but we also love the traditional Swedish gravlax marinated salmon as well as the unique Kalix Löjrom bleak roe.

Fish & Seafood

Scandeat’s Seafood products include:

Hand-peeled cold water shrimp, a popular ingredient in a typically Swedish ‘Toast Skagen‘ a creamy shrimp-based delight which is one of the most popular and classic of all Swedish gourmet dishes. Made with horseradish, mayonnaise and dill, served on toast and often topped with Kalix Löjrom ‘nordic caviar‘.

Kalix Löjrom is a fish roe from a salmon-like fish called vendace with a unique golden-orange colour, very popular in Sweden and often served at the Nobel Prize dinner.

Natural, cold or hot-smoked, the wild salmon from the Bay of Bothnia is unbeatable in quality and taste. With a fondant texture and delicious lean taste, this Baltic fish has lived its life as nature intended, hence its pale pink colour owed to the little white fish its diet mostly consists of. 

The Original Gravlax is made from Norwegian salmon following the traditional Swedish recipe. This marinated salmon originates in northern Norway’s cold and clean waters. Salmo Salar is of superior quality from selected quality-certified suppliers in Norway. Each fillet is dry salted in a salt and sugar mixture according to a traditional recipe. To ensure a uniform quality, the fillets are turned by hand several times during the process. No additives are used, instead the products are flavoured with salt, sugar, dill and white pepper. Gravlax is traditionally served with its ‘Hovmästersås‘, a dill & mustard sauce.


Scandeat’s Meat products include:

The tender taste of moose and reindeer, unstained by unnatural substances, is a true delicacy and can be enjoyed in different ways: Pan-seared fillets, oven roasts, meatballs or burgers and even smoked. The meat is lean and has a very mild gamey taste, lending itself perfectly to a great variety of dishes.  

Reindeer Topside and Striploin: The Laponian reindeer live a free life herded by the native Sami people and the production is carefully monitored by the state, which together guarantees the absolutely highest-quality standard, animal care and a rare and very exclusive final product, highly regarded for its leanness, texture and intensive flavour, and its fantastic versatility. The topside is a robust piece that is ideal for roasting with a rich taste and juicy texture. The prime cut of Striploin is a slightly more delicate part with melt-in-your-mouth quality. 

Moose meat is comparatively close in taste and texture to reindeer although a touch more gamey. Though it is also a lean meat it makes a tender and flavourful steak and we also highly recommend the moose burger or meatballs – if added with a source of fat – simply delicious and of course all natural!