We believe that to most traditional importers of wine in Sweden the profitability and the financial goals are much more important than the quality of the wine, especially in the most popular (low cost) product segments.

Our vision is to change that with a cooperative business model where our members and the wine come before shareholder dividend.

We believe that the advantage in price cancels lower dividends!

The Swedish wine market

In our home market where the wine retail business is monopoly-controlled, the e-commerce business has not grown as expected.

The goal with our e-commerce business is to focus on products and services that Systembolaget shops cannot offer. Online they are far more in fair competition with private e-commerce businesses and their fixed margin does not apply to us; as such margins can be lowered and used to buy better wines.

Problems with Systembolaget’s retail business: 

  • Small wine producers have no possibility to make it into the fixed wine selection of Systembolaget where 87% of all products are sold. 
  • Discounted marketing campaigns that are used to introduce new wines and products to the market and that are widely successful all over world are not possible (legal) at Systembolaget.
  • 50,08% of all wine sales is Bag-in-the-box products and most of these are poor quality bulk wines (but with enormous profitability for importers). 

A next generation e-commerce solution that has a more cost effective delivery strategy and focuses on wines in the pricier segments and from smaller, less commercial producers will succeed in a business with more and more conscious consumer.

By offering wine farmers more money instead of filling the pockets of a few shareholders we can deliver better wines at equal price to Swedish consumers.

We can already present wines that give wine farmers more money for their work and consumers better wine in their glasses in the same price range as the most popular wines at Systembolaget.  Stefan Gåhlin Founder/CEO

Our e-commerce business at offers producer campaigns and wines from selected smaller producers. You can read more about our e-commerce strategy here.

Our new wine import business in Sweden at is based on a cooperative business model with focus on wines in the most popular products segments. You can read more about our Swedish import business here.

Scandeat is a sales and marketing company for its own and others’ brands in the area of food, non alcoholic beverages and wine.



Scandeat Food 

We make some of the most popular nordic premium food products available to consumers in France, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. We work with leading producers and we consider quality, taste, sustainability and animal care equally important.

We have a unique 25 years consumer experience from France, Spain and the Netherlands which gives us an advantage compared to many other food companies from the nordic region when we introduce new products and producers to these key European markets.

Our portfolio comprises our own brand that we own, develop and produce ourselves, plus brands that we represent. Our professional customers are restaurants, fine food retailers, cafes and caterers.


We are a modern and inspiring partner, we believe that ultimately everything in life comes down to good taste and the care of people, animals and environment.

Our service

We are present in five different countries and we do:

  • Nordic consumer and customer contact
  • Western Europe (FR, BE, NL) consumer and customer contact
  • Spain consumer and customer contact
  • Daily distribution in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Spain
  • Customised logistics, warehouse and distribution
  • Category management
  • Brand management
  • Field sales and merchandising
  • Order processing through phone, EDI and email
  • CRM management


Scandeat Wine

With a new office in Madrid, Spain and seven years experience of the ever evolving Spanish wine industry, our goal is to give more Scandinavians the opportunity to discover premium wines and producers acces to a turn key solution for introducing their products on new markets.

We focuse on tailored introduction campaigns with limited discounts, events and compelling information and content creation in Swedish. We cater to both professional and private customers.