Taking Scandinavian food products to new levels

We started our food business in Western Europe just weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Probably the worst possible timing in the history of the food industry. What we did not anticipate was that people stranded at home and with no possibilities to travel, would start exploring the world through food. A trend that has grown even more after the pandemic and has put us in the unique position where we simply cannot find and provide with enough raw products!


We have probably sold more Scandinavian premium food products in shorter time than any other exporter from the nordic region. Our customers span from Michelin star restaurants to the local butcher.

We see an explosion of demand since the pandemic period. A period that was, to say the least, very difficult for us as a new player in an already very competitive Western European market.

Reindeer meat arriving in France

Today we are travelling in Northern Scandinavia to meet and convince more producers to export their products to a huge consumer market with possibilities of better margins and enormous future potential. A task that has been proven more difficult than we ever could imagine due to decreased production of reindeer and moose meat , global issues such as climate change and mining development encroaching on Sami land.

Introducing Scandeat Deli

Now we are introducing a new range of products that is tailored for the modern consumer with a life on the go. This range is perfect for cafés, shops and lunch restaurants and includes products and packaging specially made for wraps, sandwiches, salads, ready meals and DIY boxes that are easy to prepare. Our DIY kits enable consumers outside the nordic region to discover and try restaurant quality dishes in the comfort of their homes.


Sandwich Shrimp Skagen


With a Swedish food industry that is in desperate need for more export, we sincerely believe that the top premium products must lead the way together with development of more refined products for new markets.

Consumers behaviours are very different and it is important to understand that everything we love and are used to maybe needs some fine-tuning to suit consumers outside the nordic region. Adapting t0 new consumer behaviour is also very important for us and is key when we introduce new products on the market.

We are confident that many more producers will want to take part in our mission to take nordic high-quality products to more consumers abroad in the future.

Are you a producer with a vision of expanding outside the nordic region? Do not hesitate to contact us, we love to discuss and analyse new possibilities.