Our business idea from the start was to make it easier for Scandinavian consumers to find and buy the best value wines in the most popular price range - and this idea took us to Spain

Today Swedish consumers can find thousands of different wines at Systembolaget and even more at various online shops, so how do they know which ones are best value for money? 

Some consumers have their favourite countries, grapes and varieties, but still find it difficult to pick the true gems among everything shown in media and discussed in popular wine critics’ reviews.

Our goal is to offer a limited amount of wines, but wines that most professionals, both national and international, agree on being top value from their specific region and grape variety.

This means that from a hundred wines we try, only a precious few will make it to our Scandinavian customers, however each wine will be outstanding for its price.

To get hold of the most popular wines is always a challenge for a merchant – wine critics with millions of readers and followers make good news travel fast – therefore the problem with buying the best wines is not about finding them, but to get access to them. 

Why Spain and how do we make a difference?

International wine critic James Suckling says that Spain is today the world’s most interesting wine country and many other well respected critics agree.

Scandeat Food & Beverage Group has an office in Madrid where we can follow all food and wine trends and meet with the most important influencers and producers.

Since we started dealing with Spanish wines seven years ago we have probably driven more miles on the Spanish countryside and visited more Bodegas than any other Scandinavian wine importer.

Over time we created close personal relationships with some of the most important and inspiring producers. Relationships that today give us access to top value wines sought after globally. 

In addition to our Madrid office we will open our own “Bodega” -style warehouse in October 2023 to further optimise the purchase, storage and transportation process. With a strong local presence we aim to be the most important Spanish wine merchant in Scandinavia by end of 2024. 

Visit our Swedish wine shop at:  www.scandeat.vin