Scandeat Food

Scandeat presents a unique Scandinavian range of food products including our own and others’ brands to professionals in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain.


Discover our 100% nordic and natural range of meat and fish products such as super tender reindeer and moose meat with its unique texture and taste, produced from free roaming animals in Swedish lapland. Or try a cold smoked wild salmon from the bay of Bothnia, and do not miss the secret gem of many Scandinavian chefs; Kalix Löjrom – or Vendace roe, the most prestigious and loved delicatessen from the north often served at the legendary Nobel price dinner.


Our catalogue includes:

Cold smoked wild salmon
Hot smoked salmon
Kalix Löjrom
Original gravlax
Reindeer meat
Moose meat
Classic meatballs
Game meatballs
Game burger

And a Scandinavian pantry with original sauces, organic berries and juices, mustard, horseradish cream, cheese and much more.


It’s Scandinavian

With our new concept It’s Scandinavian we present a new opportunity for professional partners to offer the conscious and modern consumer restaurant quality Scandinavian food that can be enjoyed in the comfort of their home. Easy “do-it-yourself” recipes and meal-kits that take the consumer on a culinary journey all the way up to Denmark, Norway and Swedish Lapland.

Our concept includes:

Original Gravlax with mustard and dill sauce
Shrimp salad with dill mayo (cold water shrimps)
Hamburger Sauvage (220g moose patties, aged cheese, dressing)
Nordic deluxe plate (gravlax, shrimp salad and mustard herring)
Scandinavian Buffet (smorgasbord with herring x2, hot smoked salmon, gravlax, game meatballs, cheese pie, thin crisp bread)
Smorrebrod (paté, shrimp, roastbeef, smoked reindeer, gravlax, plaice – small flatfish, hot smoked salmon, herring matjes, Danish rye bread)


Scandeat Buffet


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