Scandeat Food & Beverage S.L. strive to provide premium Scandinavian food products to consumers in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain. The company also offers costumers in Scandinavia a portfolio of selected Spanish wines. 

Our goal is to make it easier for more millions of consumers to discover, buy, try and experience restaurant quality Scandinavian food. Additionally, we want to make it easier for Scandinavian consumers to find the best value wines in the most popular price segments. 


Scandeat Food & Beverage S.L. is limited liability company based in Madrid. Scandeat is a marketing and sales company for its own and others’ brands in the areas of food, wine, spirits and beer. The company is a startup. Subsidiaries are currently being created in Sweden and France to apply for needed local food and beverage licenses. 



More and more consumers are looking for exotic experiences when they do their food shopping a trend that has increased dramatically during the Covid period and by more effective and valuable e-commerce services. The trend for more natural BIO products and consciousness regarding climate footprint and animal care i combination of more tourists going north, creates a new possibility and never before seen opportunity for nordic premium food products such as; BIO farmed salmon, wild salmon, game meat, forest mushrooms and berries. 

The Market

Export of Swedish agriculture products and food products have increased de ten last years from 58 billion SEK in 2012 to 104 billion SEK 2021 and is bound to increase further with growing demand. 


Wit the highest alcohol TAX in the world, the quality and price comparison is getting more and more important for Scandinavian consumers. Leading wine critics and experts agrees on that Spain is the most interesting wine country in the world today with high quality classic wine makers mixed with new revolutionary Bodegas that produces wines with outstanding quality and value.

We offer wine from selected Spanish producers and have already before launch at Systembolaget the best value Spanish offerings on the nordic market. In our range you will find prominent producers and wines from several different regions and styles. We have everything from bag-in-box wine to high-quality prestige wines and many of our wines are organically grown and Fairtrade-certified. 

The Market

Italian wines are still widely out selling Spanish wines in the nordic markets, but Spain has recently surpassed French wines for the very first time. We believe in a strong growth of Spanish wine consumption in the nordic region over the next 3-5 years. Bag-in-box wines are the largest product segment at Systembolaget with 104 million litres sold in 2023 at a value of 7,2 billion SEK. Total wine sales at Systembolaget in 2023 was 208 075 000 litres. 

Competitive Advantage 

We have worked with Spanish wines since 2016 and we are today involved in all stages of the value chain. Everything from farming, production, transport, marketing and sales. Extensive traveling in the Spanish countryside and the strong personal relationships we have created with producers and wine farmers over the years are our winning strategy. Some of our wines has won blind tests in different price segments being compared to best selling wines at Systembolaget. 

Financial Projections

The revenue of our food business depends very much on time to market and our distribution possibilities. With a fully functional storage and distribution centre in France and with terminals in the Netherlands and Spain, we estimate that Scandeat Food could generate a revenue of 1,2-1,5 million EUR in the first 24 months. We estimate our wine business in Sweden to generate a revenue of 14 million SEK in the first 24 months with sales of 135 000 litres of wine with an average price of 1O7 SEK/litre.