Kalix Löjrom ‘Nordic Caviar’

Origin: Bay of Bothnia
Refined: Sweden
Format: pot/frozen
Weight: 100g
Storage advice: Keep frozen. Consume within 2 days of opening.
Composition: Vendace eggs, salt
Allergens: Fish

Nordic Caviar ‘Bleak-Roe’

Kalix Löjrom is the roe of a salmonid fish called vendace from the Bothnian Bay archipelago of the Baltic Sea in northern Sweden. This golden caviar has a subtle and mild flavour, with a pure marine taste, and a fine silky texture. A unique Swedish specialty, it is often served at royal dinners and it is common on the Nobel prize banquets.



The Bothnian Bay has brackish water, a result of several large rivers flowing out into the sea. This is what makes the vendace’s caviar so special.

The fishing for harvest of Kalix Löjrom is done with the utmost care for the marine environment.