Scandeat Wijn

We offer Spanish wine producers and alternative way to reach Scandinavian customers, both private and professionals.


With a new office in Madrid and seven years experience of the ever evolving Spanish wine industry, our goal is to create new possibilities for producers to introduce their products and at the same time give many more Scandinavian consumers a possibility to discover and try their wines.

We focuses on comprehensive introduction campaigns with limited discounts sales, tasting events and compelling information and content creation in Swedish (social media, print and video).

Our marketing and sales channels

Our digital food, wine and travel e-magazine – Bon V at with almost fifty thousand social media followers is an international platform in english that creates interest among affluent Scandinavian consumers and is a perfect tool and marketing channel for premium wines.

Our new web shop Scandeat Vin at is the only online market place dedicated to Spanish wines in Sweden and gives both private and restaurant customers the possibility to discover, order and try wines from our partner producers in a new and inspiring way.

Club Tierra Ibérica is our wine club that offers:

  1. Small allocation of fine wine online
  2. Tasting events
  3. Discovery boxes  with selected wines from the most popular regions
  4. Wine travel ideas, tips and offers from restaurants, hotels, golf clubs and more

For members in Scandinavia.